The Berad Group has much production in various regions of Uzbekistan, allowing it to satisfy time-sensitive or high-volume requests.

During production of dried vegetables the product undergoes the following stages:

- assessment of raw materials

- washing in running water in large basins

- washing with high-pressure water spray

- cleaning: removing seeds, stalks, shells, and foreign matter

- cutting: the URSCHAL vegetable cutting machines allows cutting in cubes, slices, or strips

- drying: steam drying at three levels in the SANDVIK drying lines at temperatures from 50-110о С

- air cleaning: blown air to remove light particles

- sorting: laser-optic and X-ray roentgen processes allow sorting according to color, size, structure, stone, glass, metal and foreign materials

- shipping preparation: packing and marking in cartons and/or PP bags with PE inserts

The accumulated experience, coupled with high qualified specialists of the department allows to offer customers the best solutions to any logistical problems.

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