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The production structure of Berad Group is divided into two categories - dried vegetables and dried fruits and nuts.

DRIED VEGETABLES - to ensure the quality resource base, the company owns about 2500 hectares of farmland. In these areas the company's specialists conduct thorough control over the cultivation of ecologically pure and natural raw material at each stage of ripening of a raw material position.

To obtain a high quality raw material, the company provides farmers with premium seeds (F1), natural fertilizers, and holds seminars aimed to improve the source of raw material.

About 90% of raw material for production is provided on the basis of futures contracts with farms and farmers. Years of working experience, as well as close cooperation with farmers allows to keep records on raw material from certain planted area. This measure allows (if necessary) to make back tracing of finished products, starting from finished goods, arrived at the buyer’s warehouse, until the planted area, where the products were grown.

All this, combined with fertile soil of Uzbekistan, and many sunny days a year, allows the company to produce ecologically clean products.

DRIED FRUITS - dried fruits contain more bioactive substances, in comparison with fresh fruit. In fact, it is a concentrate, which contains calcium, magnesium, iron and other valuable substances.

One of the main products for export of Berad Group is - raisins.

Grapes take a special place among the other planting grown in Uzbekistan. Natural-climatic and soil conditions are conducive to growth of varieties that have strong growth of shrubs, large and elegant bunches and berries, high sugar accumulation and good taste properties.

The amount of active temperatures during the growing season in the valleys and foothills is up to 4000-600000, which allows producing clean, high-sugar content grapes to make raisins.

Long summer is favorable for ripening berries, high accumulation of sugar in them, and early onset of the growing season and its duration allows to obtain products from the earliest - in June, to the most recent terms of its maturity (October). Hot and long dry summers create excellent conditions for growing ecologically clean grapes and their air-sun drying in large volumes.

Berad group pays a special attention into the production of raisins. The company is working with farmers and agricultural enterprises, since the period of grape ripening until final drying. In addition, various trainings and activities are conducted aimed at improving the quality and vineyard fruit-bearing. Also there works are conducted with farmers on a radical change in the ways of grapes drying, which are aimed to obtain ecologically clean raw material.

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