Berad Agro


The Berad Group has much production in various regions of Uzbekistan, allowing it to satisfy time-sensitive or high-volume requests.

During production of dried vegetables the product undergoes the following stages:

  • assessment of raw materials
  • washing in running water in large basins
  • washing with high-pressure water spray
  • cleaning: removing seeds, stalks, shells, and foreign matter
  • cutting: the URSCHAL vegetable cutting machines allows cutting in cubes, slices, or strips
  • drying: steam drying at three levels in the SANDVIK drying lines at temperatures
    from 50-110о С
  • air cleaning: blown air to remove light particles
  • sorting: laser-optic and X-ray roentgen processes allow sorting according to color, size, structure, stone, glass, metal and foreign materials
  • shipping preparation: packing and marking in cartons and/or PP bags with PE inserts

During production of dried fruits the product undergoes the following stages:

  • assessment of raw materials
  • clod separation: separation of the product from pelletized particles
  • cleaning: removal of stems, sand, stones, soils, leaves
  • sorting: removal of half-grown berries, bad fruit, and stems
  • separation of fruit from stalks or cores
  • aspiration rejection
  • primary drum washing
  • cascade washing: removal of seeds
  • secondary jet washing
  • centrifugal drum drying
  • partial oil treatment to allow bulk sorting by laser
  • laser sorting: use of BEST machine to sort according to color
  • secondary laser sorting with Visys
  • X-ray sorting: separate from stones, metals plastics and glass
  • oil treatment (only for high-quality sunflower oil)
  • electronic sorting by weight
  • control weighing
  • packing and marking
  • final metal detection